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Set of Twigs Die

These twig dies can be added as a filler or branches with your flowers. You can colour these flowers with

Therapeutic St. John Wort Die

Leaf die perfect to add with your flowers. Size: 7 x 2 см

Fairytale Flowers Die

Size: 7 x 2.7 см

Bindweed Die

This leafy branch die can be used as a filler in your flower bouquet or can be used in backgrounds

Openwork Rose Die

A 7 piece flower making die is best for making a multi dimensional flower. The sizes of the petals are

Wild Aster Die

Beautify summer and autumn themed creations with graceful, realistic wild aster flowers as lovely as those found in fanciful perennial

Wild Aster Spray Die

Cheerful bouquets and wild aster sprays are a wonderful floral option for any occasion! When paired with the coordinating Wild

Branch Foliage Die

This 2 piece foliage die is perfect for adding accents to your flowers. These branches can act as fillers in